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Eric Hullstrom

Administrative Ministry Assistant

Jennifer McGrady


Church Council

President:  Amy Walk

Vice President:  Derek Thilges

Treasurer:  Thomas Blodgett

Secretary:  Kim Ostermann

Property:  Derek Thilges

Education:  Kelsey Bosma, Lisa Berggren

Stewardship:  Kelsey Bosma, Teresa Cooper

Evangelism:  Kim Ostermann, Daryl Friest

Fellowship:  Kim Ostermann, Daryl Friest

Technology:  Thomas Blodgett

Worship:  Susan Jensen

Hands together in prayer to God along with the bible In the Christian concept of faith, sp



In the beginning, Our church was called "Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Free Church".

In 1917 we joined the "Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of America".  

In the year 2013, we became  Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.

The first services for the Norwegian immigrants were most likely held in homes and empty buildings until more room was needed. 

At the same time, the First German Reformed Church in Buffalo Center had outgrown their present church and so in 1894  it was purchased By Bethlehem Lutheran for $275.00.  It was then moved to the north part of town.  This was no easy task for this was during the horse and buggy days.  In 1957, we broke ground for a larger church.  We dedicated this church to the work of our Lord on June 14th, 1959.  The total cost of this was $127,900.00, with much donated labor.  Later on a new addition and a 38 ft. bell tower were added.


Our church has and is carrying out education through Sunday School, Women's Circle Studies, Bethel Bible Series, Crossways Studies, in home Bible studies, new member classes along with many other group gatherings. 

We have been blessed by those on the mission field whether near or far carrying out the discipleship of God.  

We are a family of believers committed to the propagation of the Gospel and sharing the Love of God with those we come in contact with.  Serving in many ways, such as quilts for missions, food bank offerings and collecting school supplies.

We are a growing church actively working out in our community,  with "One God Network", Vacation Bible School, Guest Nights,

Christmas pageants and Soup Suppers.

We are presently remodeling to have more space available for our growing Sunday School.



In 2021, we celebrated 125 years of  "Passing the Spirit from Age to Age"

We are living proof that the spirit has indeed been passed down from age to age. 

Through that time, God has been glorified in and through so many people. 

And now today, as we look forward to what else God is going to be  doing in the next 125 years and beyond,

we do so with much hope and excitement. 

God is doing a thing here and we are ready to be used by Him for His Glory as we continue passing the Spirit from Age to Age. 

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