About us

Welcome, to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church website. Bethlehem's mission is to welcome all to share and grow in God's grace as a caring community of Faith, Hope and Love. We hope that this site and our congregation can play a role in helping you to grow in the Grace of God. We believe that we have been saved by the grace of God, through faith, for loving our neighbors. We know that we all fall short of the life that God intended for us, through God our lives can be made whole. We hope this site and Bethlehem Lutheran church can share with you the message and hope of God's abounding grace and love.


Pastor: Nathaniel Hedin-Schmidt


Council Members

President: Matt Pentico

Vice President: Marty Schaefer

Treasurer: Jen McGrady

Secretary: Megan Holland

Education: Jennifer Johnson

Evangelism: Pastor Nate

Worship: Megan Holland

Stewardship: Marty Schaefer and Jen McGrady

Property and Management: Tom Holland and Kyle Winter



Memorial Committee: Dennis Murra (Chair),

Kim Ostermann (Secretary), Frances Ostermann, Grant Ostrander,

and Cheryl Baumann

Decorating Committee:  Amy Walk, Jen McGrady and Elizabeth


LYO (Lutheran Youth Organization): Dawn and Bill Jensvold,

Amy Walk

Landscaping Committee: Roderick Hansen, Tom Holland,

Lorie Bierle and Harlan Melz



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