About us

Welcome to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church website. Bethlehem's mission is "Faith, hope, and love make us available for our neighbors near and far."

Pastor: Eric Hullstrom


Council Members

Executive Council

President: Cassondra Willmert

Vice President: Amy Walk

Secretary: Megan Holland

Treasurer: Brian Blodgett

Council Subcommittees

Education: Kelsey Bosma

Evangelism: Amy Walk

Fellowship: Cheryl Baumann

Property and Management: Brandon Thilges

Stewardship: Susan Jensen

Technology: Brian Blodgett

Worship: Megan Holland

125th Anniversary: Vonnie Pilgrim-Bosma



Memorial Committee: Dennis Murra (Chair),

Kim Ostermann (Secretary), Frances Ostermann,

and Cheryl Baumann

Decorating Committee:  Amy Walk, Jen McGrady and Linda Berhow

Landscaping Committee: Roderick Hansen (chair), Lorie Bierle

and Harlan Melz


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